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Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science, volume 60

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Illinois State Academy of Science


Papers, Addresses, Reports: Mahlon Loomis, the Discoverer and Inventor of Radio: A Report by the Chairman of the Radio Discovery Committee of the Illinois State Academy of Science; The Stratigraphy of the Cedar City Formation (Middle Devonian) of Missouri; Key to the North American Species of Lepisosteus (Class Pisces) Based on the Cleithrum; The Harvest Mouse (Reithrodontomys megalotis) in Central Illinois; A Maclaurin Series Expansion of Ja...
Ashby, William Clark; BeMiller, J. N.; Birkenholz, Dale E.; Bjorklund, Richard G.; Blackmore, Barbara K.; Brown, Charles M.; Burkhart, L. J.; Changnon, Stanley A.; Coleman, David M.; Davis, Joseph S.; Dolbeare, Benjamin L.; Drennan, Jerry D.; Ebinger, John E.; Evers, Robert A.; Foote, Florence M.; Fraunfelter, George H.; Galbreath, Edwin C.; Gill, H. S.; Gilmore, A. R.; Hawkins, R. E.; Hiltibran, Robert C.; Hoffmeister, Donald F.; Hopkins, William E.; House, J. E., Jr.; Kaplan, Harold M.; Koike, H.; Kuo, M. J.; Langenheim, R. L., Jr.; Levine, Norman D.; Linnenbom, Victor J., Jr.; Lynch, John D.; Marks, J. W.; Matten, Lawrence C.; Mickus, John; Millaway, Robert M.; Miller, James P.; Mohlenbrock, Robert H.; Montgomery, G. G.; Munyer, Edward A.; Murray, Frederick N.; Musgraves, R. A.; Musulin, Boris; Musulin, Shelba Jean Choate; Neill, James C.; Ozment, James E.; Pappelis, A. J.; Parmalee, Paul W.; Powell, Dwight; Quertermus, Carl; Richardson, James W.; Rimsay, R. L.; Schmid, Walter E.; Skorepa, A. C.; Snider, Jerry A.; Stains, Howard J.; Stannard, Lewis J.; Szluha, Adam; Thomerson, Jamie E.; Thurow, Gordon R.; Tone, Jim N.; Turner, Ronald W.; Van Atta, R. E.; Wahl, F. M.; White, George W.; Wilson, Lonny ; Wisely, G. T.; Wooldridge, David P.; Wunderle, Steve L.; Wunderlin, R. P.; Young, Otis B
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