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Pepper family film: reel 13

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Garden, close up of flowers, close up of bee, close up of butterfly, flowers, bird on telephone wire, bird flying, close up of flowers, woman sitting in lawn chair, garden with flowers, bird bath, bench, young girl with flowers in her hair walking around garden in blue dress, young girl smelling flowers, young girl smiling into camera, young man in uniform hugging young girl, man in uniform drives off; people walking in parking lot, Memphis Zoological Garden sign, dozens of people sitting around tables at zoo, concession stand, grizzly bear, girl feeding bear, Cinnamon Bear sign and animal, polar bears, black swan, ducks, monkey, dark footage of water, hippo, monkey behind cage, sea lion diving into water, woman feeding bear, kangaroo, man in uniform, people sitting together at table, glass soda bottles, line for concession stand, older man with hat smiling for camera, man in uniform; bridge and landscape; people posing for camera, young girl with man in uniform; The Hermitage Opens 8 A.M. Closes sign, gate and large trees, young girl on porch with large columns, plantation style home; road trip footage, hills, trees; young girls with swimming coach at public pool; large houses in neighborhood, young girl in front of house; Bristol: A Good Place To Live sign, downtown area, view of traffic, cityscape, people entering building; night footage, Bristol sign lit up, neon signs throughout downtown, Param Ball Room neon sign; large house; construction of small wooden building across from large brick building, automobiles parked on grass,...
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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