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House Joint Resolutions: Jan. 19-Feb. 4

@ North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

North Carolina. General Assembly


Cupples, Charles; Pope, Jacob; Britain, Thomas; Britten, Thomas; Hinson, Henry; Walton, Jesse; Clark, Benjamin; Cavey, George; Wooten, William; Wootton, William; Woolton, William; Wooton, William; Wootten, William; Hill, Henry; Franks, Wickley; Riddick, Christopher; Williams, Ralph; Iredell, James; Williams, John; Easton, John; Wilson, Willis; Bond, Hance;Jan. 19: appointing committee to prepare bills (with messages); Jan. 19: appointing the Rev. Charles Cupples chaplain to the General Assembly (with messages); Jan. 20: British manifesto and proclamation to be burned (with messages); Jan. 20: British prisoners to be paroled (with messages); Jan. 22: re commissioners to purchase provisions for army (with messages); Jan. 27: re raising men to be stationed in Cumberland County (messages only); Jan. 23: granting citizenship to Jacob Pope (with message and petitions); Jan. 23: granting citizenship to Thomas Britain (with messages and petition); Jan. 23: re the removal of public powder, etc. (with messages); Jan. 23: re shipment of provisions to Bermuda by Henry Hinson, master of the sloop Mary (with message and petition); Jan. 25: appointing Jesse Walton contractor for Indian expedition (with messages); Jan. 26: Benjamin Clark allowed compensation for executed slave (with messages); Jan. 27: allowance to George Cavey, flag master, and men, prisoners of war (rejected) (with message); Jan.27: Treasurers to receive old proclamation money (with messages); Jan. 29: re funds for William Wooton, contractor, District of Halifax (with message); Jan. 30: reimbursement to William Wooton (with message); Jan. 30: allowance to Assembly members (with messages); Jan. 30: appointment of election officials (rejected) (with messages); Jan. 30:...
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