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DARE Interview: Honey Brook, Pennsylvania; Primary Informant PA027

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Informant Data:PA027: White; male; age: 70 (old); education: some college; community type: villageMedia Files:Arthur the Rat. Speaker: PA027 (4:03)Full Interview 1 (Tape 1345-S1).Content:00:20 General conversation—Lizzie Borden, town drunks04:25 Expressions said by Informant’s mother-in-law07:55 Shepherd’s pie—described08:45 Family history—Informant’s father was a doctor|10:40 Quack doctors12:30 Arthur the Rat16:55 Community description21:20 Family history—Informant’s grandfather was a cattle dealer22:00 Community description—age of town, population, celebrations, race riots26:15 History of local newspapers28:40 Quality of local education30:10 Local history—about John Wilkes Booth32:00 Tape endFull Interview 2 (Tape 1345-S2). [Additional speakers: Adult female]00:05 Discussion about new Vet hospital—cost00:55 Discussion of list of subscribers to newspaper [interruption by adult woman]01:25 Tape end

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