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Joint Papers: Petitions -- Rejected or Not Acted On

@ North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

North Carolina. General Assembly


Jones, Benjamin; Mackey, Thomas; Searcy, Reuben; Giles, William; Long, Alexander; Woodson, David; Lemmon, Isaac; Wilkerson, Benjamin; Green, Joseph; Stewart, Joseph; Cartsaphen, James; Sharp, Anthony; Glasgow, James; Digge, Marshall; Neale, Thomas; Phillips, Betsy; Phillips, James; Campbell, William; McKenzie, George; Coulbreath, Duncan; Blunt, Warren; Dowd, Connor; McIntosh, Alexander; Taylor, Wilson; Moore, Edward; Richard, James; Carpenter, Owen;Petition of Benjamin Jones of Camden County (Rejected). November 19; Petition of Colonel Thomas Mackey (Rejected). November 19; Petition of Reuben Searcy (Rejected). November 23; Petition of William Giles (with Deposition). December 1; Petition of Isaac Lemmon (Tabled). November 24; Petitions from Rutherford County for Justices of the Peace. December 6; Petition of Joseph Green (Rejected). December 9; Memorial of James Cartsaphen (Laid Over). December 9; Petition of the Merchants of Wilmington (Rejected). December 11; Petition of Anthony Sharp (Laid Over). December 13; Petition of James Glasgow (Rejected). December 13; Petition of Marshall Digge (Rejected). November 11; Petition of Thomas Neale of Brunswick County. November 13; Petition of George McKenzie (Rejected) (Endorsement, Deposition, and Account Only). November 17; Petition of Duncan Coulbreath. November 17; Petition of Alexander McIntosh (Rejected). November 18; Petition of Wilson Taylor of Nash County (Rejected). November 19; Petition of James Richard (Rejected). November 19; Petition of Owen Carpenter (rejected) (with Enclosures). December 18; Partial and Miscellaneous Petitions;
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