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Sheffield home movie collection, Reel 16, Rolls 14-18 (hm-sheff_0123)

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection


Black slug. Segment one: Bodies of water and water skiing show, 0:13. A man and woman stand next to each other smiling. Behind them is a swimming pool and an airplane. People swim in the pool and lounge around outside. A lot of people sit outside under trees to watch something on the water. Boats speed by on a river. They pull girls who are skiing behind them and a man doing tricks. They put on a water skiing show. Some of the skiers jump off of ramps. An old woman holds a baby and pokes at her to get her to smile. A man picks the baby up and puts her in a cart, which makes her cry. Shortly after the baby is smiling again. Another show on a lake with airplanes involved. A man water skis behind a boat to the shore. People perform tricks. One does a handstand on a chair while skiing. There are both women and men performing. Some of them jump off of ramps. People are watching from the beach. On a boat ride through a garden. A woman in a beautiful yellow dress. Some family members pose for the camera. There are beautiful flowers and other plants. An arch of flowers leads to the water. Two women sit on the ground in yellow and blue dresses. The family walks through the garden. A girl in a pink dress holding flowers waves at the camera. Segment two: Vacation in Florida, 5:39. Sign: MARINE STUDIOS...

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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

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Digital Library of Georgia