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Utah Carl; Utah Carrol; Utah Carroll; Utah Carroll's last ride; My friend, you've asked a question That makes me sad and still,

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Lynch, Arlie


voice Collected by Max Hunter (H-12) For Mary C. Parler Transcribed by Frances Majors Sung by Arlie Lynch Rogers, Arkansas August 13, 1958 Reel 257- 58, Item 1 Utah Carl My friend, you've asked a question That makes me sad and still, And why my brow is darkened Like clouds upon a hill. Reign in your poney closer, And I'll tell you of a tale Of Utah Carl, my pardner, And his last ride on the trail. We was rounding up one morning, And our work was almost done; To the right the cattle started With a maddened furious run. The boss's little daughter, Who was holding on that side, Rode in to turn the cattle; And there's where Utah died. 'Neath the saddle on the pony That the boss's daughter rode Utah, that very morning, Had placed a blanket roll, That the saddle might ride more easy For Lenore,his little friend; And it was that very blanket That brought him to an end. Funding for digitization provided by the Arkansas Humanities Council and the Happy Hollow Foundation.
Hunter, MaxMajors, Frances
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1958 08 13
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