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Pepper family film: reel 9

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Girl running around garden picking flowers, shots of the landscape, trees, man fixing tire on car, Miss. State College banner, road and trees, men in uniform doing a march, marching band parading on campus, American flag, men playing tug of war, The College Store sign, Coca-Cola sign, sunset from the road, young child and woman with flowers and trees, fish in small pond, show of the sky and clouds, men and womens track; funeral flower arrangement; young girl with flowers, plants, man working on roof, man aiming rifle toward ground from bridge, man with knife and rifle; sun setting over landscape; peacock; man using bucket to get water out of boat, man fashioning fishing pole, shots of river, fish being caught, man paddling boat at sunset, African American men outside of Delta Bargain Store sign, African American women and children, W.M. Nelson sign on window, African Americans on crowded sidewalk, African American with hats, men walking by railroad track, train arriving, woman and child boarding train, carousel, monkey trapeze, woman and child on ride, horses being cleaned, camels under circus tent, men raising circus tent, men dressed as Native Americans on horses, musicians and circus performers, circus clown, African American workers, circus dummy, Big Show Main Entrance circus tent, Downie Bros. Circus Performing Elephants truck, Dining Dept. truck, Minstrels sign; distorted film; man holding cat in front of house with girl, woman playing with cat, girl playing with puppy, man petting puppy, young boy riding a cow, Santa Claus with...
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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